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Dear VVF Board of Directors,

Please find below our Strategic Plan outline. Our next Strategic Plan is for 2023 through 2026. A few key factors to note:

  1. In contrast to our last Plan (2018-2022), our next 2023-2026 Plan will be considerably shorter. We will stay high level and limit what goes into the next Plan to include only our top strategic priorities in the coming years for each area of the organization to include overall VVF, Arts, Athletics, Education, and our role in the community.
  2. Our Plan format will be:
    1. New Vision, Mission, Values of VVF.
    2. Mission statements for Arts, Athletics, Education, and Community.
    3. Plan itself will cover overall VVF, Arts and Culture, Athletics, Education, and Community support.

With guidance from our Board and Board EC, the VVF Executive Team has established the following Strategic Plan outline.


An extraordinary mountain community with quality of life for all.


  • We Lead with Integrity: Everything starts with honest, transparent, and authentic leadership.
  • We are a Team: We support each other across all areas of our mission.
  • We act BOLDLY: We think big. We don’t let expectations about our size, or the size of our community get in the way of our audacious creativity when it comes to our existing work or seizing new opportunities.
  • Community First: Our priority is to make our community an incredible place to live, work, and visit.
  • We have FUN: Our business is fun. We provide it. We live it. We celebrate and enjoy what we do.
  • We are Inclusive: Everyone deserves to be included in and benefit from our mission.
  • We Innovate: We will inspire ourselves and others by being nimble, versatile, and creative.


We provide leadership in arts, athletics, and education, and address community needs to enhance our Valley as a place to live, work, and visit.

A History of Bold Accomplishments

As we embark upon our next strategic plan, you will see a consistent theme of bold, transformational objectives. Our organization is no stranger to making courageous moves, for the benefit of our community and those we serve.


  • Three Alpine World Ski Championships hosted in 1989, 1999 and 2015.
  • 1994 and 2001 World Mountain Bike Championships and several UCI Pro Road Cycling projects.
  • 25 Years of the American Celebrity Ski Classic.
  • Six Years of the Honda Session International Snowboard Invitational.
  • VVF has organized and hosted Alpine World Cup Ski Races since 1981, including the annual Birds of Prey at Beaver Creek.
  • Summer Mountain Games since 2009.

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

  • Our diverse programming with international artists at our VPAC and GRFA place our community on par with the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
  • 25 Years of VVF’s AEI World Forum bringing the brightest minds and world business and political leaders together in Beaver Creek.
  • We successfully operate two world class performing arts centers. The Vilar Performing Arts Center at Beaver Creek since 1998, and the Gerald R Ford Amphitheater at Vail since 1987. These venues are arguably two of the most important assets of our valley.
  • Since 1987 we have owned and operated the world-renowned Vail Dance Festival.


  • We operate the largest, most impactful afterschool and summer education nonprofit in the county serving 5,000 youth each year.
  • Our Magic Bus program serving underprivileged children is the longest standing most impactful early childhood program in our community.
  • Nearly 1,500 young men and women have been able to realize their dreams of going to university or a trade school through our YouthPower365 Scholarship programs.
  • Our 13 programs across the YouthPower365 continuum from early childhood to career or college give every child, regardless of race, creed, color, or socio-economic status the chance to succeed.

Community Impact

  • From 1981 to 2023, we have drawn millions of destination visitors to our community, generated tens of billions on global media impressions, and the aggregated direct local economic impact across all our events, programs, projects, and venues would be in the billions of dollars.
  • We deliver when our community has great need or is in crisis. Our VVF Community Fund raised $1.6 million in 14 days and the distribution of these funds stabilized the lives of thousands in our valley who were hit hardest by the pandemic. We live in a childcare desert. VVF has stepped up and will be bringing online incremental and affordable childcare in the coming years.
  • Critical land preservation with the Eagle River Preserve in Edwards.
  • Since 1981, we have been, and remain instrumental in positioning our valley as a desirable world-wide destination.

VVF Strategic Priorities:

  1. Exceptional Organization: People, Process, Culture, Technology.
  2. Financial Stability: Continued long-term financial stability for the VVF nonprofit.
  3. New and Inspiring VVF Brand and Brand Message: Launch new VVF brand and messaging in alignment with the new VVF Vision, Mission and Value.
  4. Enhanced Partnerships: Increased affiliation and collaboration with appropriate mission-aligned Vail Valley nonprofits.
  5. Best in Class Environmental Sustainability: Across all VVF venues, programs, and projects.
  6. Launch a new, sustainable, international-scale project by 2025.

Arts and Culture Strategic Priorities

Arts Mission: To provide the broadest spectrum of the performing arts, at the highest level of excellence. Our performing arts venues will be a community differentiator driving global tourism and a reputation for our valley as a world class entertainment destination.

  1. New Projects: Launch new, multi-day music festival down valley.
  2. Improved Partnerships: Improved alignment and partnership with Bravo! Vail.
  3. Expanded Year-Round Programming: VPAC and GRFA to maximize programming and rentals during off-peak time periods.
  4. Maximizing Access to our Performing Arts Venues. Through creative and dynamic seat pricing and utilization, drive capacity for every performance at VPAC and GRFA.
  5. Capital Investment: Transformational facility upgrades to set venues up for success for the next 25 years.
  6. Wow-Factor Programming: Through increased programming of iconic, international artists, establish VPAC and GRFA as world class destination entertainment venues.
  7. Best in the World – Vail Dance Festival: We will make the VDF the best in the world through improved media partnerships, continued artistic direction at the highest level of excellence, expansion of VDF programming during winter and outside of the Valley, and a commitment to one-third of the festival programming being new every year.
  8. Arts and Education: VPAC, in partnership with ECSD, will inspire the next generation of youth in our valley through the performing arts.

VVF Athletics Strategic Priorities:

Athletics Mission: To produce international-scale outdoor lifestyle event projects that are best-in-class, sustainable, profitable, drive substantial local economic impact and generate worldwide media exposure.

  1. Beaver Creek Alpine World Cup: Reinvent a men’s and women’s Alpine World Cup Festival in Beaver Creek and reimagine the ski race VIP experience.
  2. Mountain Games: Establish GoPro Mountain Games as a world-wide media asset and maintain our position as the leading adventure sports, mountain lifestyle, and music festival in the world.

VVF Education Strategic Priorities:

Education Mission: From early childhood to college and career, YouthPower365 provides programs to help youth reach their full potential. We support youth and families every step of the way.

  1. Being Even Better: Using data analytics to establish ongoing KPI’s we will evaluate and improve the effectiveness, quality, and impact of YouthPower365’s programs.
  2. Helping Young Adults Achieve a life of Purpose: During our next plan period we will significantly grow our High School based programs to assist young men and women find rewarding education and/or career paths post High School.
  3. Whole Child, Whole Family: We will materially expand our family engagement offerings across the entire YouthPower365 continuum to give each child the greatest chance of success.
  4. Transformational Capital Investment: Construct a new, custom-designed YouthPower365 office, family and youth and engagement center, and year-round soccer facility in Gypsum, to transform YouthPower365 through expansion where the needs are the greatest.

VVF Community Strategic Priorities:

Community Mission: For select community-wide issues, VVF will boldly lead and bring together individuals, businesses, and local government to accomplish goals that no person or entity could achieve on their own.

If not us, who, and if not now, when?

  1. Workforce Housing: We will be a bold and active force in helping our community solve our workforce housing crisis.
  2. Affordable Childcare: We will lead the development and implementation of incremental, affordable, high-quality childcare.