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2022 Citizens of the year

Rosana and Johannes Faessler

Since their very first days in the valley, Rosana and Johannes Faessler have strengthened the bonds which lift up and unite our community. They have the foresight to identify areas of need and the wisdom to know that success rarely comes overnight. Together they have provided lasting, generous, and unflagging support of the Vail Valley Foundation, Vail Health, ECO Trails, Vail Valley Partnership, Vail Veterans Program, the VVF Community Fund, the VVF Engagement Committee, and so much more. They established the Sonnenalp Foundation and the Sonnenalp Breast Imaging Center, they host the annual Scramble Against Cancer and the Casual Classic, and they are active in nearly all aspects of charitable giving, volunteering, and leadership in our valley. In 2022, we were pleased to honor Rosana and Johannes Faessler as the Vail Valley Citizens of the Year.

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2022 Volunteers of the year

Sue and Dan Godec

In honor of their steadfast and selfless service to a wide range of programs, nonprofits, and events in the valley, the Vail Valley Foundation is proud to name Sue and Dan Godec as the recipients of the 2022 Vail Valley Volunteers of the Year award. The award is given out annually to deserving people who have, for many years, contributed volunteer time, leadership, vision, and passion to the entire community.

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The Vail Valley Foundation fiscal year is from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.


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